Tools and Methods

Continuous Improvement

We are convinced that Continuous Improvement is one of the main lever to support the performance of organisations and people development, and we tackle it at 3 different levels:

> Through a systemic approach for the implementation of a real continuous improvement culture
> Within an organisation or team by structuring the way they operate (animation tools, managerial leadership, communication…)
> Directly with managers, to develop their accountability in Continuous Improvement

Our approach is supported by recognized tools of problem solving (8D, QRQC, Ishikawa, 5 Why’s, etc.), and we are also actioning the levers of active listening and co-responsible managerial relation.

We know how to make learning simple, as well as the application of Continuous Improvement tools and behaviours thanks to a large experience of such projects implementation and training within our clients

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Optim Ressources, cabinet de conseil depuis 1986

Team Building & Seminars

Optim Ressources, cabinet de conseil depuis 1986

We consider that the co-construction of the objectives of the seminar with our clients is essential to create a real added value for the team.

While setting a structured, safe and supportive environment, we facilitate seminars that are made for the teams! We make sure that each participant can find her/his place, to generate a stronger collective spirit.

A good definition of the expectations is essential for the success of such initiatives. As examples, we could have:

> Increase your assertiveness within your team: personality questionnaire / DISC color / Workplace motivators: MTBI….
> Let’s imagine our future: design thinking, immersive visit: benchmark…
> Let’s define our roadmap: winner/loser to define the expected goals, the risks and actions to implement
> Let’s kick-off our project, or let’s celebrate a success: live diagnosis, “world café” to promote success…

Besides the high experience of our consultants, we rely on adequate tools and our partners for specific team building activities.

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Co-construction is one fundamental approach for the mobilization of collective intelligence. And it is worth the investment, as it highly facilitates the implementation of the transformations.

Co-Construction is not for novices! A methodological framework and clear rules are essential to be successful in a genuine and empowering approach. Who gives the orientations? Who validates? Who is referent? Who contributes? What is the adequate pace of work? What type of facilitation to ensure the convergence of all the co-builders towards an optimal result of full adhesion?

Let’s talk about your project! Whether it deals with organization, or management (with managers and their n-1s…), or process optimization, or competencies management…

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Optim Ressources, cabinet de conseil depuis 1986


Optim Ressources, cabinet de conseil depuis 1986

Do you know the saying: “alone, I go faster, together, we go further”? It has become our motto at Optim Ressources, to represent the way we work with our customers, and with co-development in particular.

Some times ago, Steve, a manager who was stuck in a complex situation with his team, contacted us and asked how he could deal with this. Instead of giving him a ready-made solution, that probably wouldn’t have been adequate, we proposed him a session of co-development with other managers. He thus could identify what the problem was, and through the experience and exchanges with other managers, he caught new options to test.

If, like Steve, you are searching for options at one problem, think about co-development as an approach that strongly contributes to cooperation culture.

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Confucius was saying: “I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand”. Science confirms it: we remember 20% of what we hear against 90% of what we do!


1. We co-construct with our customers so that our trainings are adapted to the working situations, and result in the identification and implementation of concrete individual actions

2. We let an important space to the practice and the exchanges, and invite each trainee to elaborate or implement tools, step back, share difficulties, put herself or himself in working positions, and learn from mistakes. These actions, initiated within the group, are shared in the classroom and are inputs for exercises.

3. Within the Training Path, the trainees are leading a technical or managerial project and can present it to a jury. It is an important event and a lever for learning and recognition.

Key success factors?

> An adequate support in the form of internal mentorship or assistance by consultants
> Involve the trained managers and collaborators
> Encourage the exchange of practices and allow everyone to enrich their competencies

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Optim Ressources, cabinet de conseil depuis 1986

Teaching games

Optim Ressources, cabinet de conseil depuis 1986

Optim has been developing teaching games in its consulting areas for more than 10 years: Safety, customer culture, quality, project management, management Click here for more information

About thirty clients have experienced this type of approach for cultural transformation projects. They recognize a real sense of dynamism, a quick appropriation of the concepts and new practices, a strong adhesion of the teams: shared safety awareness, cooperation and transversal approach of projects or proactivity in the customer relation.

Our offerings:

> Creation of tailor-made teaching games: adaptation to your objectives, and consistent with your tools, your technical contents, your employees experience…
> Customization of games: inclusion of your key messages and specific situations to tested and validated games
> Production: co-construction with a project team, from the concept definition to the end product, in partnership with our providers
> Deployment: training of internal relays and integration of the game in the transformation dynamic

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Lean, Six Sigma

We often associate Lean and 6 Sigma approaches to the Theory of Constraints, for a better global efficiency. This approach is called TLS (Toc-Lean-6 Sigma). The stake is to reorganize a physical or immaterial process, to make it efficient and sustainable.

Practically, our interventions deal with the quality of Problem Solving (DMAIC, QRQC, 5W..), the improvement of equipment operational availability (5S, TPM, Shared Maintenance, SPC, SMED…) or the optimization of physical or information flows to give the best answer to internal or external customers (VSM, Kanban, Inventory reductions, lean manufacturing…)

We cooperate with your operational teams through games, concrete exercises, simulations, and field training and coaching to experiment each of these approaches: attitudes and managerial rituals, visual management, appropriate utilization of datas and value-added of standardization…

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Optim Ressources, cabinet de conseil depuis 1986

Process based management system

Optim Ressources, cabinet de conseil depuis 1986

Process based management system is a recognized tool to tackle performance stakes in complex organisations.

For more than 10 years, we’ve been assisting big companies willing to structure themselves to generate an economical & human sustainable performance through creativity and innovation, managerial agility and alignment at all levels.

By relying on ISO9001 v2015 principles, we support you in:

> The identification of your stakeholders and their needs
> The identification and description of your main value-added processes, as well as their associated KPIs ; we encourage a “right level description”, without going into all the details
> The definition of your governance instances, to ensure regular alignments and re-alignmebers
> The definition of your process-based management system organization, adapted to your needs

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MBTI, Success Insight

MBTI and Success Insights are robust and recognized personality questionnaires. They are useful in an individual approach (coaching, personal development…) as well as in a collective approach (share markers, team coaching…) putting into evidence the diversity of profiles and their synergies.

MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)  is structured around 16 types of personalities (eg : “I recharge my batteries by being in contact with others versus I recharge my batteries by being turned on myself”).

Success Insights, or DISC is structured around preferred behavioral styles (ex: “I like to influence vs I like to decide”).

Depending on the context and needs, we chose together the most relevant tool. Its implementation is then ensured by our entitled consultants.

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Optim Ressources, cabinet de conseil depuis 1986


Optim Ressources, cabinet de conseil depuis 1986

Optim Ressources has been conducted 180 CSR missions in France, United Kingdom and Canada for 20 years. We assist Cities, state-held companies, big companies, small companies and associations, by relying on known approaches and recognized tools.

Our areas of interventions:

> Strategic transformations => CSR vision, stakes analysis, ISO26000, Roadmap…
> Awareness and engagement development => participative workshops, citizen forums, eco-responsible events, awareness workshop “climate mural”
> Stakeholders Management => stakeholders consulting, materiality analysis, societal comity, annual report
> Operational changes => ISO 14001, Responsible policy of Supply & Logistics, Indicators system

Our objectives: give you the opportunity of including sustainable development in all the areas of your organization (Click here for more information).

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Safety systems and behaviours

We assist our customers in the transformation of their managerial, organizational and behavioral approach of Safety.

Our areas of intervention :

> Shared Diagnosis of the safety practices and maturity, and root causes of the difficulties, to support the process of decision and alignment on the action plan
> Assistance in the deep transformation of the safety culture : give coherence and direction, provide consistency between the objectives and the allocated means, and reinforce the managerial excellence, and support the teams
> Develop leadership and involvement via a pedagogical & managerial approach : training of the managers and their teams, inclusion of Safety in Performance Management and Problem Solving

(Click here to know more about our interventions).

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Optim Ressources, cabinet de conseil depuis 1986

Theory of Constraints

Optim Ressources, cabinet de conseil depuis 1986

The Theory of Constraints (TOC), is a major lever for the performance of the organisations.

It is one of the 3 main approaches to know and apply for performance improvement with LEAN and 6 SIGMA, with a simple and efficient principle:

> Select the system to improve (in any area)
> Clarify its goal and the main indicators to reach it
> Identify its main constraint (the major element that prevents the system to reach its goal)
> Organise the system around this constraint to maximise the created value

Optim has been applying the Theory of Constraints in most of its missions for 10 years, as well in strategy than in industrial processes, services production, projects and projects portfolios management. Just try to adopt it! (Click here to know more about the Theory of Constraints).

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