Management Excellence

Cooperation is THE key to organizations’ performance and people’s development. Management excellence allows each and everyone to truly engage in cooperation

At Optim, when we use the term “management” we refer both to the managers and to the teams managed.

In short: management is a shared responsibility between the manager and its team, with personal commitment and mutual trust.

Even if the manager remains responsible for the final results, it is with and thanks to the team that the right performance is achieved.

Depending on your needs and contextual situation, we design together your managerial development project aiming at :

> Implementing and facilitating the company’s management system
> Strengthening the relation between manager and managed
> Developing the managerial skills and posture through a collective and individual development scheme (blended training, coaching, co-development, …)
> Supporting the teams in their own management of their manager

Depending on your needs and contextual situation, we design together your project aiming at :

> Setting up the team’s organisation: visual management, rituals, …
> Formalising the corresponding action plan
> Planning and organising the team’s daily work
> Reinforcing the team’s cohesion
> Emphasizing the strengths of the team and the individual specific inputs

Depending on your needs and contextual situation, we design together your project aiming at supporting managers and collaborators on an individual level :

> Coaching of personal development, provided by a certified coach : support the move to a new position, reinforce a “soft” competence (eg: delegation, time management, facilitation of team rituals, ….)
> Field coaching : support an individual in its daily work (eg: build an action plan, prepare a meeting, solve an operational roadblock, start a continuous improvement system…)
> Conciliation to solve a relational issue in search of a “win / win” solution

Our added-value

> Field experts with rich and diversified experience and a human and pragmatic approach based on teams’ cooperation
> A listening and advising posture enabling us to adapt each of our intervention to the situation and design the solutions collectively
> Consultants with a significative track record of managing teams, departments or BU
> Certified coaches from the best “certifying schools” : AT, Alain Cardon, International Mozaik / Daniele Darmouni, JBS / Vincent Lenhardt… and authorized mediators
> Proven tools for individual and collective development : Transactional Analysis, MBTI, Success Insight…
> Mastering classic tools and techniques (management referential, socio-dynamics,…) as well as the latest innovations (Servant Leader, learning organizations, open organizations,…)

They trust us to help with their projects, in France of abroad