Optim Ressources is a consultancy firm, created in 1986,
which helps organisations carry through their transformations, both in France and abroad.
We push for the development of operational and managerial excellence,
whilst making sure human issues remain central.
We are committed to a fair and responsible distribution of the wealth generated.

Optim Ressources, cabinet de conseil depuis 1986

Performance of organisations
& people development
We have always combined both objectives,
because we believe that together they form the key
to successful transformations and sustainable organisations.

Optim Ressources, cabinet de conseil depuis 1986

the platform for Change
Restoring or maintaining cooperation is a major challenge at every level:
board of directors, within each team or cross-functionally.
Every project must be seen as an opportunity to better work together,
interdependently but with autonomy.

Optim Ressources, cabinet de conseil depuis 1986

and Managerial Excellence
Ranging from road-map design to practical implementation,
our assistance relies on a systemic approach combined
with specific expertise to generate tangible results for every type of organisation.


Thanks to our website, we are very pleased to be able to introduce you to our team, to our different fields of expertise, to our beliefs and to our commitments. We have initiated in 2019 a major transformation, choosing for Optim a different governance model, which enhances our personal involvement in the organisation, its decisions and their practical implementation.
This transformation is consistent with our “raison d’être”: to help organisations achieve their transformations, big or small, through the development of cooperation at all levels.

We would be very happy to further discuss these topics at one of our “Petit Dejeuner” venues, which are a time where we reflect and share our experience with clients, or at any other occasion you may wish to set up.

People of which 18 consultants
Achievement of Scop status
continuous growth of revenues
revenues in 2022

They trust us to help with their projects, in France of abroad